Brake Fluid (Dot 3/ Dot4)

    Brake Fluid (Dot 3/ Dot4)



    BRAKE FLUID is a synthetic or fully synthetic basic can be used in all vehicles with optimum ABS characteristic. There is a chemical stability and it is provided with additives which save the best lubrication efficiency.BRAKE FLUID has Gold, Red or Blue Color.


    • Chemical stability
    • Low viscosity at low temperatures
    • Optimum ABS characteristics
    • Best lubrication efficiency
    • Miscible with all brake fuid of the samespecifcations
    • Neutral behavior regarding brake parts

    Application Notes:

    BRAKE FLUID can be used for all vehicles for which BRAKE FLUID SERIES specification for brake fluids is required. It is suitable for all hydraulic brake systems with synthetic fluids.


    400ML X 12 PU Contented Metal Contented
    800ML X 12 PU Contented Metal Contented
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