Radiator Coolant (Red & Green)

    Radiator Coolant (Red & Green)



    BRAKE FLUID is an all-season amine and ethylene-glycol based coolant with frost and rust protection for car engine. This product is formulated based on a proven inhibitor development. BRAKE FLUID has Red, Green, Blue or Brown Color.


    • Protection from corrosion and cavitation
    • Excellent for light metal engines
    • Good reserve alkalinity
    • High quality corrosion additives for optimal corrosion protection
    • Prevents sediments and foaming in the cooling system

    Application Notes:

    RADIATOR COOLANT with frost and rust protection. Allow engine and heater to warm up, add coolant to fill level. Follow manufacturer's recommendations.


    500ML X 24 Metal Contented PU Contented
    1L X 12 Metal Metal Contented PU Contented
    4L X 6 Metal Contented PU Contented
    209L Metal Drum
    18L PU Contented
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