FK FUKUOKA High Mileage Super X Engine Stop leak


    FK Fukuoka High Mileage Super X Engine Stop Leak is specially developed for petrol & diesel engine in exclusive formula & latest tech with extra protection additives to effectively prevent leaking in the engine by reconditioning worn gaskets & engine seal and those parts found in modern engine. Furthermore, it able to lower the engine noise and oil consumption as well that caused by parts aged & worn in the engine .

    Key Benefits
    Suitable for all types of Petrol & Diesel engine. The product is compatible with all types of motor oil including mineral, semi synthetic and fully synthetic.
    To apply for following benefits:

    •Prevent loss of engine oil from leakage.
    •Restore the elasticity of seals & gaskets which were worn & aged.
    •Extend the life of engine by removing the deposits and conditioning.
    •Reducing the costs from maintenance and repairing.

    How to use
    Blend in engine oil for use.
    •1 bottle (400ml).

    *Getting the mechanical attention if the leaks persisting. 
    *For further information, kindly contact your seller.
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