Fukuoka ATF –Type D II-2

    Fukuoka ATF –Type D II-2



    ATF-TYPE D II-2 is a first class transmission fiuid for automatic transmissions of all vehicles and working machines on the basis of high refined mineral oils with a corresponding additive treatment.


    ATF-TYPE D II-2 offers:
    • Protection against corrosion, sludge and sticking
    • An excellent and very shear stable viscosity temperature behavior
    • No problems concerning very low respectively very high temperatures
    • An excellent high thermal capacity
    • Free of foam even under hardest loads
    • Neutral behavior towards sealing materials
    • Mixable and compatible with all kinds of ATF

    Application Notes:

    ATF-TYPE D II-2 was developed for the use in automatic transmissions, hydro steering mechanisms, converters and power transmissions and can be used as a universal ATF (Automatic- Transmission-Fluid) for all vehicles and working machines. ATF-TYPE D II-2 is recommended if ATF-TYPE D II-2 is to be used according to manufacturer's specification.


    1L X 12 PU Contented
    4L X 6 PU Contented
    18L PU Contented
    208L Metal Drum

    Quality Classification:

    Practise and tested in aggregates with filling
    MB 236.5, MAN 339 Typ Z-2, MAN 339 Typ V-2, ZF TE-ML 04D, 09X, 14B, 16L, Cat. TO-2 , ZF TEML 05L, MB 236.6, MAN 339 Typ Z-1, FORD SQM-9010B, FORD M2C-138 CJ, 166H, 185A, Cat- TO-2, Renk Doromat
    Attribute Unit Data Audit
    Color   Red ISO 9001-2008
    Density at 20 C Kg/m3 860 UKAS
    Density at 40 C mm /s 39.04  
    Density at 100 C mm /s 7.63  
    VI   168  
    Flash point (COC) >190  
    Pourpoint <-36  
    Base number mgKOH/g 2,0-3,5  
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