Fukuoka ATF-Type-WS-6


    ATF-TYPE-WS-6 is automatic transmission oil ATF on the basis of the latest technology of the HC/HT hydrocrack oils and PAO. Because of the special formulation the durability is twice the time than a comparable ATF oil. ATF-TYPE-WS-6 fulfils the latest transmission oil specifications for sequential automatic transmissions of Toyota and Aisin Warner.


    ATF-TYPE-WS-6 offers:
    • Phenomenal resistance of lubricant failure under hard operating conditions
    • a longer oil durability, extension of the durability of the transmission, offers longer changing intervals phenomenal resistance of oil sludge and deposit accumulation
    • An excellent oxidation resistance and thermic stability
    • A superior corrosion protection, a much better foaming resistance for a smooth switching operation as well as a lower corrosion of the bearings, sleeves and gear wheels
    • An excellent flow behaviour at low temperatures
    • A more constant switching operation performance, optimised friction characteristics
    • Prevention of coupling grinding regarding modulation rotary conversion
    • A longer durability of oil and coupling, offers a smooth switching operation at low temperatures
    • Much better fuel economy and a better torque transfer than DEXRON III (H) ATFs
    • An improved shear stability


    1L X 12 PU Contented
    4L X 6 Metal Contented
    18L PU Contented
    208L Metal Drum

    Quality Classification:

    Practise and tested in aggregates with filling
    TOYOTA 08886-02305/00289-ATFWS/08886-81210, TOYOTA / LEXUS JWS-3324, Chrysler 05189978AA, Chrysler 05189979AA, Chrysler Mopar AS68RC, Aisin Warner Automatic Gearbox ab 2008, VW/AUDI Getriebe 0C8 (Touareg 2011-, Q7 2010-), VW G055540A2, ISUZU 2-90531-200-0,2- 90531-201-0, VOLVO 31256774, VOLVO 31256775, VOLVO 31256776
    Attribute Unit Data Audit
    Color   Red ISO 9001-2008
    Density at 20 C Kg/m3 849 UKAS
    Pourpoint -54  
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