FD10(HD10, DW-1)


    ATF DW-1 is based on PAO with special additives and inhibition for excellent lubricating. Due to its special formulation the properties of FUKUOKA ATF DW-1 are crucial. We assure an excellent cold stability.


    ATF DW-1 offers:
    • Extremely low pour point
    • Improved viscosity and coefficient of friction behaviour
    • A very good protection against consumption
    • Excellent thermal stability
    • Improved EP-characteristics
    • A good foaming behaviour
    • Neutral behaviour towards sealing materials
    • Reliable protection against corrosion

    Application Notes:

    ATF DW-1 is specially designed for use in the latest automatic transmissions of HONDA.
    Please note: Follow manufacturers original equipment number!


    1L X 12 PU Contented
    4L X 6 PU Contented
    18L PU Contented
    208L Metal Drum

    Quality Classification:

    Practise and tested in aggregates with filling HONDA 08200-9008, 08200-9009, HONDA 08266-99964, 08266-99967
    Attribute Unit Data Audit
    Color   Red ISO 9001-2008
    Density at 20 C   Kg/m3 850 UKAS
    Pourpoint -53  
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