FC10 (Gold 10)


    FK ATF-CVT GOLD is the new generation of synthetic gear oil, which guarantees the best power transmission. For Europe and the United Statesseries cars (above 2.0CC exclusive) such as: Audi, BMW, VW and otherproduct characteristics:
    • lubrication performance, excellent stability, low pour point viscosity index under low temperature in winter, super high temperature oxidation resistance, corrosion resistance and excellent defoamingperformance sealing material friction coefficient
    • equilibrium with all the gearsystem compatible
    • Golden Tips: ATF-CVT GOLD for CTV transmissionadvanced (steel linkage gear box) for all models CVT non-polar transmissionquality grade: BMW CVT EZL 799A, FORD EU WSS-M2C928-A, Focus C-MaxCFT23, FORD USA WSS-M2C933- A, XT-7-QCFT Freestyle, Five HundredCFT30, HONDA CVT Fluid 08200-9006, HMMF Ultra Fluid 08260-99904,08260-99907, MB 236.20 A 0019894603, MAZDA TFF CVT Fluid TCJWS3320 K020- W0-051W, NISSAN CVT Fluid NS-1, KLE50 00002, KLE50 00004, OPEL/GM 1940713, SUBARU i- CVT Fluid K0415-YA090, SUZUKI S-CVT 99000-22801-000, TOYOTA CVT Fluid TC 08886-02105, VW/AUDIG052180A1/A2/A6, TL 52180, VW G 052516 A2, MINI COOPER CVT color:Golden 15 ° temperature density: 850 kg/ M3 pour point: -50 ℃ packaging: 1Lx 12 4L x 6 plastic bottles, metal cans of 18L plastic bottles of 208L metal barrel
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