Fukuoka ATF-FZ60 (6HP)


    ATF-TYPE 6HP is automatic transmission oil ATF, produced on the basis of hydrocrack oils and PAO with special additives and inhibition which guarantees a perfect function of the automatic transmission.

    ATF-TYPE 6HP is one of the ATF (Automatic Transmission Fluid) of the newly developed generation for all 6-motion automatic transmission of ZF. A maximum of wear protection in every operating state is guaranteed. FUKUOKA ATF-TYPE 6HP has a neutrally brown colour.


    ATF-TYPE 6HP offers:
    • A very good lubricating ability even at low temperatures in winter
    • A high, stable viscosity index
    • A very low pour point
    • A very good oxidation stability
    • As far as possible protection against corrosion and foam formation
    • Good balanced coefficient of friction
    • A neutral behaviour against sealing materials
    • A high thermal and oxidative stability
    • A excellent cooling capacity
    • A excellent shear stability
    • Lowest evaporation losses
    • A neutral behaviour because of inhibition against non ferrous metals

    Application Notes:

    ATF-TYPE 6HP was developed for use in the newly developed 6HP-series transmission of ZF 6HP19, 6HP21, 6HP26, 6HP28, 6HP32, 6HP34, also for 5-motion automatic transmission 5HPseries. It is backwardly compatible for all earlier versions of ZF 4 and 5 gear passenger car automatic transmission with the exception of 6 HP26A61 in vehicles with AUDI W12 (only original VW G055162A2 blue) and 6HP19X for AUDI Q7, 6HP19A, 6HP28AF (only original VW G060162A2green).

    Quality Classification:

    Practise and tested in aggregates with filling BMW 83220144137, ATF M1375.4, 83220142516, FORD MERCON SP XT-6-QSP (6R60, 6R75, 6R80), Jaguar C2C 8432, Land Rover TYK50 0050, VW/AUDI G 055005 A1/A2/A6, ZF S671 090 252/3/5.
    Attribute Unit Data Audit
    Color   Gold ISO 9001-2008
    Density at 15 C Kg/m3 850 UKAS
    Pourpoint -42  
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